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Aloha Island Coffee

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Aloha Island Coffee has been providing superb, freshly roasted, organic coffees since 2001. Our specialty is custom created 100% Pure Kona Coffee and Luxurious Kona Coffee Blends with distinctive aroma and flavor profiles. We call these our Gold, Platinum, and Diamond selections. We also custom roast a selection of Kona Coffee Blends that comprise our Hawaiian Tropical Blend line, including very popular flavored coffee selections (French Vanilla, Chocolate Paradise, Island Hazelnut, Cinnamon Hazelnut, Chocolate Almond, and Southern Pecan). In 2007 we introduced our Paradise Blends, which are custom roasts of hand selected Certified Organic Tropical Coffees. While all of our coffee selections are 100% Organic, we wanted to have an exclusive line that was fully Certified Organic, from grower to package, and our Paradise Blend line offers this extra reassurance to our customers who value this extra step.