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Wicked Joe Birds & Beans Project Decaf

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Only the finest Organic Arabica coffee beans are used in this Birds & Beans Project Decaf coffee from Wicked Joe. Available in 12 oz. bag

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Roaster Tasting Notes: Delicate yet full-flavored, floral, sweet, soft, chocolate, delightful, lemony, balanced, clean finish. Grown on the terraced slopes of the rugged Andes Mountains, former seat of the ancient Inca, in the shade of Inga and native forestall trees. In addition to being fierce warriors, the Inca were excellent astronomers with a keen understanding of the seasons and of the movements of celestial bodies, and they were highly skilled stoneworkers whose monuments rival the pyramids of Egypt. Most notably, the Inca worshipped nature, understandable given the breathtaking beauty of their home in the clouds. Today, descendents of the Inca grow delicious coffees on the same terraced slopes built by their gifted stonemason ancestors. Cooperative La Florida was established in 1966 starting with only 50 members. October of 2009 marks its 43rd Anniversary. This Strictly Hard Bean Arabica coffee is grown at an altitude of 1750m, is comprised of Typica and Caturra cultivars, and is harvested from May to August. La Florida works to improve the community in many ways. They support local schools by providing pencils, erasers, notebooks and other items. The Cooperative also owns their own tractor and a truck, allowing them to maintain the roads, making sure they are in good condition, making it easier for members to transport coffee with access from their community into town. Credi La Florida was established in 2002 with $320,000, allowing for small loans to members. Currently more than 1300 producers use this micro-credit program. Their long term goal is to be able to offer small loans to other organizations with low interest rates. Within the Cooperative, CETPROP, is an organization for the members' families. They currently have a few programs for the kids, including a program on organic agriculture and another on agronomy. The idea is to promote leadership and creativity so students can return to their communities and apply what they've learned.

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